Personality and Design


The magic of human design is that it has two calculations - design and personality.

This is special because it shows the full person not only his consciousness but also his unconscious.
Astrology calculates the angles of planets at the time of your birth,

Just like design does with personality calculation, but it stops there.

The design not only goes a step further by assigning specific I'shing gates and lines to each planet, but it also goes on to make an entirely new calculation - the design calculation.

It is calculated 88 degrees for calculating the birth of the sun.
Because one degree of sunshine is one day,

The 88-degree design calculation was done about three months before birth.

This is the time when the baby becomes a fully functioning rave (Rave = Human).

In Christian terminology, the second calculation time is when the "soul" enters the body.
Personality and design go into the body chart and the rest is history.

But it is important that you can see their own parts in each calculation before you see them as a whole.

This section will cover this. - design

Personality and Design:
There are two calculations used to create your human design chart.


Personality (black page in the human design chart):
Your actual birth time is used to calculate your personality chart. To the right of your BodyGraph, you can see numbers in black next to the symbols of the planets. These calculations describe characteristics attributed to your personality. These characteristics are qualities that you will recognize, as they are the ones that you have conscious access to and therefore, you can relate to. Because you consciously identify with these characteristics, you think of your personality as a representation of who you are.

Design (red page in the human design chart):
This calculation is based on the approximate position of the sun. 88 days (or 88 degrees) before the moment of your birth. To the left of BodyGraph, you will see numbers in red next to the planetary glyphs. These calculations describe characteristics attributed to your body consciousness and show you your unconscious nature.

Your body's intelligence is below your level of conscious awareness so you do not necessarily have access to it, even though it is an equally important part of your identity. This intelligence is expressed through certain characteristics, and other people can often see these characteristics much more clearly than you because you are not consciously aware of them. - personality

Personality (Personality);

The dilemma of understanding who we are is the personality,
Because the realm of personality is the self-regenerating consciousness that operates out of the mind.
This is the true realm of personality.
This domain is framed by the sessions that are there as personal sessions,
Because each of these personal sessions,
She is an aspect of who this personality will think she is and will base her entire life on it.
Think about it.
Every session is an aspect of who this personality will think they are,
And it will be the foundation on which they are going to make decisions in their lives.
And of course, these decisions are influenced by their openness.
In other words, there is no design.
It's not even in the equation.
And of course, it is clear that the openness of the non-self is not taken into account.
It's simply the personality that operates out of these keys.
You can see when you have a personality definition,
And here we have a very strong personality definition,
This is the small circles, the protection circle,
We have this full movement of the 50/27, 59/6 [blue oval].
We have an emotional personality.
So, this being is an emotional being.
And they know they are an emotional being.
They are a tribal entity and a child they ever identify with being a tribal entity,
Because that's who they are.
They are the circle of defense.
They are there to protect the tribe.
They are the key to it.
They see themselves this way.
And they see that they are here in this life to find their purpose,
Their 28th gate served as a personality.
This is what they identify with.
It's who really who,
This person thinks this person is.
I'm the tribe.
I am the core and heart of the tribe.
And when you think about design,
This unconscious collective identity to the throat,
Here someone's true identity is collective, in fact.
But they have no conscious approach to it.
And they do not necessarily see themselves as leaders.
They see themselves with potential to influence.
They have the 31st gate, Uranus.
But they see themselves as such - I am this,
that is what I am.
And I have nothing else.
in a way,
And only in a certain sense,
That's really true.
This is true because of the nature of this design,
Is that we have an emotional generator.
Of course, here we also have the type,
And also the authority,
The emotional authority,
So the personality is the one that is really here to make the decisions in life.
But of course,
The personality as it speaks through the scale to the emotional system as an emotional generator,
Not the personality as it is framed here in the mind making decisions based on the self.
When we put it all together,
We end up with something different.
It's not this, nor this.
The magic of human design is that it is the ultimate synthesis.
It is this extraordinary synthesis, esoteric, exoteric, "it‟ and "it.‟
And the structure of (BodyGraph) is an extraordinary thing.
And this is the melting pot.
of course,
BodyGraph is by nature a dualist.
It is deeply dualistic as a form of transition.

"When we look right or left,

Basically what we are looking at is  data.
And I think that's the first thing you really need to grasp when you look at body photography (map)
It is to understand that there is a huge distance between the data here [red  Wheel] and the data here [black wheel].
And I do not think it is given enough  Consideration or really, really understood what that means.
after all,
We all know that this is the formula for calculating the human design that design is,
Always 88 degrees back of the sun from birth.
Now, 88 degrees of  The sun represents about 88 or 89 days of motion of the sun.
In language  In everyday life, we look at about three months.
In another  Words,
The calculation on the right and the calculation on the left are separated by  Each other for three months.
They are very different from each other.
Yes, they have common points;
The obviousness of outer planets and the fact that they are  Move slowly.
And yes, there are common lines between personality and design.
But not everyone has Neptune and Uranus in the same gates.
In fact, in most cases the configuration of the nodes is different.
Everything  The potential of the way the environment is perceived is treated in a completely different way.
We live with this illusion,
That we are this one thing at the center.
Wow this kid  Ever trap, because we are not.
What does this one thing do,
And it's through the agency of the magnetic monopoly sitting here,
Is that she holds these two aspects  Together in magnetic tension.
It holds them together to create this illusion.
they  Do not hug each other voluntarily.
they are not.
One of the jokes I have is,
That if you are looking for your mystical partner,
Your soul, friend,
You're looking for your own design,
The personality within you,
Because it 's the big life dilemma that personality and design are by no means,
Really, connected to each other.
They were not,
If I can anthropomorphize it,
Necessarily  Design concepts. "
Ra Uru Hu.