Mutation - Mutation 2

When you think of centers you think of the nine geometric shapes in the body drawing.

Sometimes they are painted, other times they are not.

They connect to each other through channels.

But you probably do not think about mutation.

Yes, the centers are a mutation element and a deep mutation.
The first thing to understand is that centers are an evolving process,

And that the human race mutates through the development of the centers.

We evolved from being in the center of 7 centers.

And the concentrated being 9 is currently evolving through a mutation of the solar plexus.
Second, the centers serve as motivational foci,

Energy re-distributors in the context of its specific qualities.

Through this redirection, and the collection of energy,

They are constantly being mutated and mutated by their environment.
Seventy-one evolution, to nine concentrated entities
  Many systems,

Use the idea of centers or chakras  To represent the person.

The best known is the Hindu chakra system but there are others,

For example the eleven centers at the reception.

No matter what the system,

They all share the idea that we have central energy centers.
In terms of the number of centers, nine is not a common number.

Many systems have human configurations that use seven centers or chakras,

Which was the number of planets visible to the naked eye.
Before 1781 the human as we know it did have seven centers.

This date is consistent with the discovery of the planet Uranus,

March 13, 1781 by Sir William Herschel.

The Kabala Tree of Life:
Since 1781 humanity has been expanding from a 28.6-year Saturn cycle to an 84-year pine cycle.

The transition did not occur during the night as these things take a long time but 1781 was the midpoint.

It started the change with the planning cross in 1610.
This means that humans on average started living longer.

In the Saturn cycle you were an old man until you were 30 years old.

You’ve probably even been a grandparent since you started having children in your teens.

When you were 15 you were completely older.

In the pine cycle this time frame was greatly expanded.

In fact you are still young or a woman until after 30.

You are not considered old until the end of your sixties (if it is),

And the date was pushed further and further.
Humans have always been different from other animal kingdoms,

Due to the length of time we depend on mothers for nourishment and protection.

The time of helplessness and vulnerability to human children is far longer than any other animal.

With the new pine cycle this time even more.
Unfortunately we still have remnants from the Saturnian belief system,

When should we grow up and satisfy ourselves,

Which means that people who are not ready will be pressured to "do their thing".

The truth is that children and young adults today,

Are not destined to come of age after thirty or even in their forties.
So this revolution from 7 centers to 9 centers created a deep mutation in the meaning of life,

Not only within our bodies but also in the way we live our lives. -  7 CHACK

Hindu Chakra System - KABALA.

Kabala Tree of Life


In human design the concentrated 9 is called "Rave".

But it's misleading.

In fact, we have not yet fully developed " Rave ".

Even though we have 9 centers, we are still in the middle between the concentrated 7 being,

And being 9 is completely concentrated.

For the full mutation to occur,

Solar Plexus  Ours should be completely transformed into a "conscious" awareness center.

It is currently an Awareness Center, but it is not fully developed.
Fully mutated raves will not begin until 2027 with a solar plexus transformation

You can see glimpses of what these raves will be like,

But all the examples we see today are just transition elements,

And we have no idea what " Rave " will really be like.

People with autism, people with prostate cancer and "indigo children" are part of this upheaval.
Our current situation is similar to the linkage profile in that we carry little from the previous stage as well as little from the next stage.

Our new form is new to us and only after 2027,

We will fully understand how to use our body to our new potential.

Genetic Imperative:
Do you spend most of your time trying to persuade?

If you are like most people, your answer will be no.

You would say that there are more important things in life than the basic element to satisfy your sexual desire with anyone who will.
But at the genetic level your main goal in life is, well, watch.

Your genetic need is to stay alive, by duplicating your genetic material through a baby.

And not just to live for yourself, but for the whole human race.

You may die but your genes have no plans to die,

And so they focus on everyone  Their energy will make you multiply with as much variety as possible.

It's not personal. It's survival.
If you do not earn more, you are dead.

Every living creature does everything in its power to produce more and it is never personal.

The gardens recognize that similarity is a dead end street,

And we have worked similarly in our biological system for millions of years because it has been proven to be harmful. The narrower the gene pool; The more negative the mutations occur.

So the genes are attracted to the variety.

Culturally we look for similarities, as in Jews who marry only Jews for example,

But this is just another survival technique.

Within this structure there is always the possibility of diversity,

The most basic is that it's not cool to marry your direct genetic gene pool (like your sister for example!).
So this genetic predisposition can be a problem,

Because on the genetic level opposites are attractive but on another level it is very difficult to live with someone who is completely the opposite of you.

This is what we call love / hate.

What do you really like about someone half the time you hate them the rest of the time.

Your genes say "yes!"

Your mom says "he's not one of us!".

And you're just confused.
What does this have to do with centers? Well,

The genetic predisposition is carried out through our open centers.
Each of our open centers is drawn to the different,

Regardless of results.

And all the time our brain is inventing all sorts of reasons,

Why or why not we should do what we do,

Which can be really confusing.
For example, if you have one emotional person with one non-emotional person,

There can be a deep interaction / love and hate on an emotional level,

Causing all kinds of chaos and heartache.

And yet genetics loves it.

Strategy as a key  (Strategy as Key):

The term non-self represents unhealthy behavior resulting from the genetic imperative.

Genetics do not care as long as they reproduce.

You can live your whole life incorrectly, within the self, and still satisfy a genetic obligation.

The true self represents healthy behavior that results from living your strategy.

In true self-behavior your open centers,

Are not just blind genetic imperatives but places to be smart.

Our potential wisdom through these open centers represents our external authority,

But it can never become our decision-making process.

This is always our inner strategy.

Respecting kindness, strategy and inner authority is the only way towards self;

It is the mechanical conversion of what we really are.

In this way we will not avoid conditioning,

Rather we will find the right conditioning for us.

The mutation will occur no matter what,

But it will be a much more harmonious experience.

Now, having reviewed some of the overall concepts,

Let's look at the biology of the centers.

The biology of the centers  (Biology of Centers):

The centers and the physical feature that suits them:
Head Center: The pineal gland. (Pineal Gland).

Ajna Center:  Anterior / posterior pituitary glands.

(Anterior / Posterior Pituitary Glands).

Throat Center: Thyroid, Parathyroid.

G Center: Liver, blood. (Liver, Blood).

Ego Center:  Stomach, heart, gallbladder, thymus gland.

( Stomach, Heart, Gall Bladder, Thymus Gland ).

Sacral Center: Ovaries, testicles. (Ovaries, Testes).

Spleen Center  Center): lymphatic system, spleen, B cells.

(Lymphatic System, Spleen, B-Cells).

Solar Plexus: Prostate, pancreas, neural network, solar system, nervous system, lungs. (Kidney, Prostate, Pancreas, Solar Plex Neuron Network, Nervous System, Lungs).

Root Center: Adrenal Glands.

As is well known, the nine centers represent psychological elements

(Such as emotions, for example) but you are probably unaware that they are deeply rooted in the physical body. This distinction between psychology and physical body is of course irrelevant since the two are not separate.

But scientifically, especially in Western science,

We are very ignorant of how the physical and the psychological meet,

Not to mention the spiritual. Human design clearly shows the connection. - 9 Centers

Biologically most centers belong to,

To the endocrine system and the nervous system or are closely related to them.

Nervous and endocrine systems  Working together to regulate physiology.

The endocrine system is a collection of glands scattered throughout the body that secrete chemical messages in the form of hormones.

These signals are transmitted through the blood to reach the target organ  Which has cells that hold the appropriate receptor.
In addition to the classic endocrine organs,
many other cells in the body secrete hormones.

Myocytes in the heart atria and epithelial cells,

Scattered in the stomach and small intestine are examples,

What is sometimes called the "diffuse" endocrine system.

If the term hormone is broadly defined as including all the chemical messengers secreted,

So almost all cells can be considered as part of the endocrine system,

I.e. the physical parts of the body associated with the centers,

Deeply affect every part of our body through a constant message relay.

Key Points:
• All body events are affected by the endocrine environment:
There are no cell types, organs or processes that are not affected - usually deeply - by hormone signals.
• All the "big" physiological effects are mediated by multiple hormones working together:
Normal growth from birth to adulthood, for example, probably depends on growth hormone,

But also thyroid hormones, an insulin-like growth factor-1,

Glucocorticoids and some other hormones are critically involved in this process.
• Many hormones are known and little doubt remains for others to be discovered.

Biology: Keep it to yourself
Just because the center of the head is in contact with the pineal gland,

Doesn't mean you have to tell people that.

It's probably a good idea not to get into biology when you show someone their chart,

Regardless of the temptation to impress them with some cool (and mostly useless) information you have crammed into your brain.
Knowing the biological connection has very little effect on whether a person will live his strategy and respect his authority, and that is the only important thing.

In fact, if you go into great detail about the biology of the centers,

This will probably distract you and confuse them.

Do not do that. Tip - Keep It Simple.
The goal during this is to show you the biology,

Is just to give you an idea of the background behind the centers,

So you will understand how they connect concretely to the body.

Biology gives useful insights into the psychological properties of the centers,

Which can be very useful when looking at a chart.